Scholarship and Endowment Information

I've broken this down into manageable chunks by dates due. Some of this you may have to come to the High School and get the paper copy of the application. Most of this you should be able to google the name of the scholarship. Give yourself at least a week to turn in the application. Once you've turned in all the applications for things in November... start in December. You could have it all done before the end of the year, you don't have to drag it out.

Remember: If you have a well written application, essays, and reference; the average is one out of seven. If you have a poorly written, blah blah blah; your average is one out of 100. So take the time to write a few quality essays. You can re-use them, write them to your google drive, and then tweak them to best fit each application. Once you have the essays written, it should take less than an hour to fine tune.

Pick up to five Universities/Trade Schools that you are thinking about going to, and apply for all the scholarships. (Each University will have a scholarships page online.) You can always turn down a scholarship if you change your mind, but you can never apply for one that is past due. Also: Some scholarships may follow you from school to school. University of Alaska has scholarships for "Graduated from Ketchikan" and "Planning on going to school for X"

Also go to the UAS Southeast Scholarship page here. Tons of scholarships for students coming out of Ketchikan/SouthEast Alaska, some of these will follow you to whatever school you choose.

Once you begin to attend a School, please keep your essays up to date!! If you are serious about Scholarships, check the web pages of both the UAS site and your school's scholarship web site. I, personally, checked once a month and continuously filled out applications through the school year. Each semester I was given between $500 and $1,500. That adds up really fast!!!

If you are having problems, please don't hesitate to contact me!!! (Even after you are away at school!)

- Carena